Bike Overview


First, the compactness: the Ducati 696 is really small, much better and finished with a very intriguing line, keeping up with the times.
Among the details that strike quickly, the new compatissimo headlight, rear LED, radial gripper 848 style, the double rear exhaust under the saddle, the multifunction instrument, arrows and mirrors look attractive. Not to mention the new wheels marchesini, the beautiful mixed frame, steel-smelting of aluminum tubes, which juts out from under the tail coupled to the new bi-arm swingarm.
The bike is always agile.

Displacement 696 cc
Power 58,8 kW (79,9 CV)
Torque 69 Nm (7,0 kgm)
Wet weight (all fluids plus 90% fuel) 161 kg
Seat height 77,0 cm



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