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The MotoGuzzi 90 ° transverse twin-cylinder engine is unique in the world, and was developed with the aim of maximizing driving pleasure and fun on the road.

The 744cc displacement confirms the V7III as the entry-level range of motorcycles into the Moto Guzzi world.

With maximum power and torque values, equal to 52CV, the weakened version is available, in line with the limitations of the A2 license and ideal for new Guzzi drivers, who can also count on reduced overall weight and dimensions and on the general ease of driving versions of V7 III.

Displacement 744 cc
Power 52 CV
Torque (6,8 kgm)
Wet weight (all fluids plus 90% fuel) 229 kg
Seat height 80 cm
Equipment ABS brakes
GPS (on request)



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