Ozone sterilization system

At such a dramatic time for our country, most businesses have stopped to ensure maximum compliance with the rules that require you to stay at home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in an even more violent way. We at Desmorent had to stop with you, and we are ready to start again in the best way possible.
In the meantime, however, we are taking great care of our loved Ducati bikes, starting from the body as long as the maintenance.
Batteries are always in charge, tires suspended from the ground and all the lubrication of the parts oxidizable, to ensure vehicles ready to start again, hopefully soon.

Ozone sterilizer on all accessories & motorcycle

Hygiene rules teach us, even before the emergency, that it is important to clean and sanitize the environment in which we live and objects. Our agency Desmorent, submit motor vehicles and accessories to a sterilization treatment performed with ozone method, which disinfects 99% of the surfaces. Ozone offers many advantages because it is a sterilizing gas very effective for its oxidizing properties that can destroy pathogens without the need to handle dangerous chemical agents, in fact, it is generated within the Ozonator, a specific machine which converts air into ozone by electric discharges. This gas has a disinfecting power 2000 times higher than other substances used for this purpose, and we at Desmorent are one of the few rental agencies in Rome, to use this method in the treatment of any motorcycle and accessory (helmets, jackets, suitcases, gloves).
Thanks to its properties ozone, being heavier than air, disinfects surfaces and penetrates tissues without leaving any residue because after a few minutes it returns to its initial form of oxygen. Sterilization with ozone is an ecological method approved by the Ministry of Health as a natural protection for the sterilization of environments and in addition to neutralizing bacteria, removes pests, plays an antifungal action by eliminating mold, and inactivating viruses, which makes it the best method especially in this period and its effects last over time because it is a potent form of disinfection. Any part of the bike that can come into contact with the human body is subjected to this treatment, including accessories, especially helmets: they are the accessory that more than anything else comes into contact with sensitive parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth (where there are mucous membranes that can become infected with unhealthy air).
The action of ozone on the outside of the helmet but especially inside, allows you to breathe clean and healthy air without the presence of viral agents or any other impurities.

At the reopening, you can count again on our reliability and on the safety of our efficient bikes, cared for with love.



Roberto Calanca

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