Motorcyclists at the time of Coronavirus: instructions for use

Riding a motorcycle: a sense of freedom and evasion

Nowadays there are many different hobbies that allow people to have fun and take a break from the usual daily routine.
Each individual loves to spend in a different way, those short moments of a break during long hectic weeks.
And it is precisely in these moments that each of us can finally practice all those activities that can make us feel better, through which we can best express ourselves and we can feel immensely satisfied.
For example, there are really many people of different ages who love to ride motorcycles immensely, people who have a real passion for these magnificent two-wheeled vehicles that just speeding up can bring our adrenaline to reach really high levels. Yes, riding a motorcycle allows us to experience beautiful feelings, difficult to achieve in any other way. A true biker knows perfectly the great love that you can create with your motorcycle, an unconditional love that improves your life especially gives an immense sense of freedom.
That’s right, the sense of freedom that you can reach with a motorcycle is immeasurable, just by riding and pressing the accelerator, the rider can feel free, without any fear and completely at peace with himself.
Imagine getting on a motorbike, pressing the accelerator, hearing that wonderful roar, and then going wildly to reach distant and unknown destinations and make some wonderful experiences. Each of these individual actions will give you strong feelings that will remain forever imprinted on your mind and heart.
A strong feeling of independence and autonomy makes room in the mind of a motorcyclist and becomes stronger and stronger at every turn he runs, at every route is left behind.
During these long paths you go on break, every type of headache is set aside, the mind and body finally manage to find a point of union and to detach completely from the surrounding reality, obtaining a great sense of relaxation.
A biker will never feel that unpleasant feeling of loneliness because he will have next to him the bike that perfectly impersonates the loyal companion. But especially because during his life he will meet many other bikers with whom he will certainly speak the same language and who can decide to join to take part in new and exciting adventures.
A bike can positively twist the life of a normal person and bring in it a very long series of benefits, which too often you do not know how to get.
Seeing is believing and you can try it by consulting our motorcycle rental in Rome, Desmorent.

Riding a motorcycle in the days of Coronavirus

As you all know, the world right now has to fight a terrifying battle with an invisible enemy, the Coronavirus.
We are talking about a virus that in a very short time managed to decimate thousands of people of all ages, to bring terror into every single individual’s home, but above all, it was able to deprive us of our normality.
Our daily life has been immensely changed and every behavior has had to change and adapt to these new and depressing circumstances.
Tough times for those who love to run around the streets aboard their bike, touching with their hands the sense of freedom that has always been searched and you try to reach.
And it is just the freedom that is lacking at this moment, with this health emergency we don’t have the autonomy, but rightly, a very long series of duties and rules to respect, to ensure that all of this ends as soon as possible.
Every move is monitored, and a simple ride on your bike becomes a real privilege that everyone would like to enjoy in this difficult time.

But how can you use the bike at the time of Coronavirus?

Well, if that’s one of the questions you’re asking yourself, we can tell you that the bike can only be used by following certain rules. In fact, you can move with your motorcycle for short distances and to go to perform the commissions of first necessity (grocery, pharmacy, health). On each bike you can travel in pairs if it is a member of the family; otherwise, you have to travel alone since the safety distance of one meter cannot be respected on a bike.
In short, it is a tough time for motorcyclists and not only, but with a bit of commitment and patience one day we will all find ourselves running around on our bike finally managing to feel that wonderful feeling of freedom.



Roberto Calanca

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