How to choose motorcycle accessories

For your safety and comfort, when driving a motorcycle you need high-quality, approved and good workmanship accessories to be sure to obtain the best protection for you and the passenger. Motorcycle accessories are designed to guarantee safety with clothing for drivers and passengers designed for comfort and protection during every season. Commercially, there are jackets, pants, gloves, suits and, of course, helmets of the most popular brands. These are high-quality articles designed for those who love to travel by motorcycle, created to last, but that have to be renewed when necessary. The helmet, for example, has a deadline because it is essential that it is always suitable to protect the driver and passenger efficiently.

In this article, we will show you how to analyze the quality and the importance of the most used motorcycle accessories.


The helmet is required and must be certified, which means that it must meet well-defined standards that make it reliable in every situation. There are several models on the market, the integral helmet, that completely protects the head and the face, those for cross-enduro, jet, modular and trial. For driving in the city, especially during hot weather, often people prefer the demi-jet helmet that leaves the face uncovered, making easier to stand the high temperatures. The integral helmet is essential especially on the highway because the hermetic visor protects the face and eyes securely both for the driver and the passenger.

Elbow pads, knee pads, and back protection

Those who often use the motorcycle even outside the city and travel on unsafe or not paved roads, can get other useful accessories for their protection. Among these, there are knee, elbows, and back pads that can give a valid help in case of accidental falls to keep the joints protected and prevent fractures.

Another very useful and comfortable accessory is the back elastic band that you wear at the lumbar level, which supports the back and allows you to maintain a correct position while driving. The support of the elastic band is useful since it can relieve the effort of long journeys.

Motorcycle gloves

The motorcycle gloves are important in every season. There are several models, usually made with leather, and they give excellent protection for both the cold and the risk of insect bites on long journeys at high speeds.

Suit or coordinated jacket and trousers

Those who love trips and routes or long-term journeys can buy a full motorcycle suit or a coordinated jacket and trousers, to match with comfortable motorcycle boots. The suit, generally made with leather, is the ideal clothing accessory because it repairs but lets the skin breathe when you drive or stop under the sun.

Travel bags

Those who go on holiday with their motorcycle will find very useful side bags, rigid or semi-rigid, that become real suitcases where to store clothes and personal items. When traveling by motorcycle, never wear backpacks or bags that are obstructive and that give weight to the driver and the passenger. This is important for your safety and to make more ergonomic the impact with the air. Every brand and model of motorcycle is generally already sold with the equipment of bags from the trip.

All motorcycle accessories, starting from the mandatory helmet, are articles designed for the safety of the person and it is essential that they are also used by the passenger and not only by who drives the motorcycle.

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